Y Tywyth Teg
Welsh name for fairies (the fair folk) (family).
Y Tylwyth Teg yn y Coed
The fair family in the wood.
Energy that contains a positive or masculine charge of Polarity. It's active and has the characteristics of sunlight, fire, strength and heaven. It is the white side of the yin/yang symbol.
A Tantric diagram or chart.
The World Tree in Norse mythology whose branches held the nine worlds, three worlds above (including the light elf world), three worlds in the middle (including Middle Earth), and three worlds below (including the dark elf world).
Energy that contains a negative or feminine charge Polarity. It's has the characteristics of darkness, the moon, weakness and water. It is the black side of the yin/yang symbol.
The twin poles of energy. The yin/yang concept is one system of viewing the universal energies. Yin corresponds to Receptive Energy and yang to Projective Energy.
Literally means “yoke” or discipline. With no qualifying adjective, usually refers to Hatha Yoga (discipline of the body).
A Wiccan festival celebrated on or about December 21st, marking the rebirth of the Sun God from the Earth Goddess. It is a time of joy and celebration during the miseries of winter. Yule occurs on the Winter Solstice.
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