A person who has supposedly risen from the dead and who survives through a process of inducing willing or unwilling blood donations.
Vampire, Psychic
A person or institution practicing the absorption of psychic energy to the point of actually damaging the people they attack. (See Absorption and Tapping)
In Tantra, the principle that sound is eternal and that every letter of the alphabet is a deity.
This is the world in which the ancient nature gods and goddesses in Norse mythology live.
Veil of Forgetfulness
A thin invisible field that shields the conscious mind and physical senses from the etheric world. Designed as a veil of protection for the physical mind.
Verbal Charm
A word or set of words designed to give blessings or requests from Divine sources. "Bless You" is a form of charm.
A specific pattern within energy. Each thought has it's own pattern and therefore it's own vibration as an example. A person who is sensitive to energy can distinguish the pattern or meaning behind an energy form by sensing it's vibrational frequency, color, sound and/or order.
Vision Quest
In modern times, this refers to the process of using astral projection, bi-location, or dream time to accomplish a specific goal. Also called path working. Its origins are shamanistic.
The process of forming mental images. Magickal visualization consists of forming images of needed goals during ritual. It is also used to direct personal power and natural energies for various purposes during magick, including charging and forming of the magick circle.
1A West African word meaning “deity” or “power.” 2General term for a variety of eclectic religions and associated magical systems practiced throughout the Americas, consisting of mixtures of various African tribal beliefs with various Native American tribal beliefs, Roman Catholicism and Protestantism, Spiritualism, Theosophy and other systems (including Hinduism, Islam, Neopagan Witchcraft and anything else that seems useful). Different names include Candomble, Macumba, Santeria, Hoodoo, Voodoo and many others.
Most of the Pagan religions of South America and parts of Africa. These differ from most other modern Pagan and religions in that most of them incorporate ritual sacrifice of animals, etc., as a means to raise magickal energies.
Vortex Field
An energy field causing rapid circular movement around an axis.
Energy centers or Chakras of the Earth connected by meridians or "Ley Lines" which transmit energy between them.
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