Poetic art.
Unconscious, Collective
A theoretical construct of C. G. Jung, who believed that all human beings have access to the collected mental experience of all their ancestors and that, in essence, these memories (usually in highly symbolic forms) are carried genetically from one generation to the next; sometimes called “racial” unconscious, though whether the species as a whole or specific gene pools are referred to is unclear.
Under World
The "lower" realm(s) in Celtic Cosmology, most often designated with the word Tir.
An “entity” or “elemental” that dwells in the plane of Water or is associated with the Water Element.
Unity, Law of
“Every phenomenon in existence at any point in space or time is linked, directly or indirectly, to every other one.”
Universal Consciousness
Pertains to the 'all', all things seen and unseen within all of divine creation.
Universal Deity
The concept that all gods and goddesses (and thus their two polarities) are united as one. Further this term asserts that all beings living and non-living are united with this single sentient energy form. Belief embraced by many — though not all — Neopagans though many old pagan traditions do not hold to this as a truth.
Universal Hierarchy
A belief that there is order and form to the universe. Within that order is a hierarchy of spiritual law and action containing seven levels or seven plains of existence. At the time of creation, a spirit began it's process of growth on the first plane. Learning lessons and gaining enlightenment through several lifetimes allows the spirit to evolve to the next level. Angelic beings travel to all levels acting as messengers for the spirits who have evolved to the 7th level.
Universals, Cultural
Patterns of belief or behavior that show up in all or a majority of human cultures, that are related to specific topics.
The total gestalt of all data patterns one may have about that which seems to be oneself and that which seems to be not-oneself; depending upon whether or not one believes in an objective reality, the universe can be considered to be a part of one’s metapattern or vice versa.
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