One of the eight holidays that Wiccans celebrate. A time for feasting, partying, and general merrymaking. The word ‘sabbat’ is given various derivations, but I prefer the argument that it comes from the French s’ebattre, which means, “to frolic”.
A cloth bag, usually of natural fibers; filled with herbs.
Holy; linked to the Divine. Anything that is sacred is to be seen with the utmost importance and respect.
Sacred Geometry
Known as the language of creation and the language of light, sacred geometry revolving around the idea that energy moves in universal patterns, these patterns influence the form of everything, including our DNA.
Sacred Imperatives
Used by some traditions, these are directions which all participants must follow in order to enter or leave a ritual circle. Examples of some imperatives may include: Entering the ritual circle with "perfect love and perfect trust" as well as waiting for the ritual’s High Priest or High Priestess to give the appropriate sign for participants to exit the circle.
Sacred Salt
Used for purifying and clearing energy. Representative of the Element of Earth, most often added to water to make, in essence, Holy Water.
Sacred Space
A cleansed and consecrated area used for ritual/magickal purposes. A sacred space can be created anywhere, if done properly.
Hindu or Jain holy person who wears little of no clothing as a symbol of his or her inner focus and spirituality.
A sometimes used term for a male 'Crone'.
To clean away negative energy, sanctify, and to consecrate a specific place, person, or thing to either prepare it for ritual or to protect it from negative energies.
An entity that dwells in the realm of Fire.
A Wiccan festival celebrated on October 31st, also known as November Eve, Hallowmas, Halloween, Feast of Souls, Feast of the Dead, Feast of Apples. Samhain marks the symbolic Death of the Sun God and His passing into the “land of the young” where he awaits re-birth at Yule. This Celtic word is pronounced by Wiccans as: SOW-wen; SEW-wen; SAHM-ain; SAV-een and other ways. The first seems to be the one preferred among most Wiccans. This festival is considered to be the Witches’ New Year.
An area designated to be used for spiritual events and practices only. Often includes some type of altar containing symbols of spiritual significance for the group or person using the sanctuary.
Sands of Time
Sand taken from between the paws of the Great Sphinx of Egypt.
A Voodoo religion modernly practiced mostly by Haitians and some Cubans.
A stone whose magickal qualities are that of psychic development, creativity, passion and energy stimulation.
In Tantra, the solemn uttering of a Great Truth, used as a mantra for magical or religious effects such as exorcisms.
Saxon, Anglo
The peoples of Europe. The Celts, the Goths, etc.
Divination using a spirit guide, a method generally employed by channerlers.
The lines which cross the stem line to form the Oghamic Fews.
Small device made from leather or hemp which resembles a whip and is used in flagellation rites within some traditions.
Scribe a Circle
To draw a magickal circle or wheel as an act of protection, within a room, outdoor space or within a sanctuary.
A method of divination. To gaze at or into an object (a quartz crystal sphere, a pool of water, reflections, a candle flame) while stilling the conscious mind in order to contact the psychic mind. Scrying allows the scryer to become more aware of events prior to their actual occurrence, as well as to perceive past or present events through other than the five senses.
This term is used when a spell is 'sealed' by gestures or chant, etc; this to contain the raised energy into the spell.
An antiquated term meaning a group gathering of dedicated persons and at least one well-grounded medium for the purposes of contacting spiritual entities for communications.
Folk tale.
A Pagan tradition founded by Raymond Buckland. This 'modern' Tradition is taken from Saxon Witchcraft.
Second Sight
A natural ability to predict the future, although, unlike a prophet, they're not regarded as necessary divinely inspired.
Material and worldly as opposed to spiritual; thus anything not religious.
Seed Moon
The fourth Full Moon of the year.
Another name for a Neophyte. One interested in learning about the Old Religion.
One who can see the hidden, a diviner.
Harmony, or musical art. The southern realm among the Fifths.
An initiation by a Solitary Pagan devoting themselves into the service of the Pagan Path.
Self-Knowledge, Law of
“The most important kind of knowledge is about oneself; a magician must be familiar with her or his own strengths and weaknesses.”
The ten levels of divine manifestation in the Cabala. Depicted as spheres on the Tree of Life.
A 7 point star symbol used in ceremonial magick, representing 7 tenets of: Balance, Harmony, Humility, Learning, Reincarnation, Tolerance, Trust. Once it represented 7 angels who became 7 planets, called the Mystic Star. Other 7's include Days of the Week, Deadly Sins, Mounts of the Hand, Pillars of Wisdom, Sacraments, Virtues, & Wonders of the World.
Sex Magick
Raising a cone of power, either alone or with a partner, by stimulating your sexual energy. All the while, you must concentrate your mind on the magick and not think about the sex.
Shadow Walk
To use Astral Projection to move through the physical or Astral world.
A man or woman who has obtained knowledge of the subtler dimensions of the Earth, usually through periods of alternate states of consciousness. Various types of ritual allow the shaman to pierce the veil of the physical world and to experience the realm of energies. This knowledge lends the shaman the power to change his or her world through magick.
The practice of shamans, usually ritualistic or magickal in nature, sometimes religious.
To physically transform one's self into an animal, bird, fish or an inanimate object for a temporary period for spiritual purpose. A secondary meaning states it is the act of projecting the soul mind into an animal or plant for purposes of communication, sharing knowledge and gain wisdom by uniting energies to "feel" and interpret current patterns within the universe.
Sheela Na Gig
A quasi-erotic stone carvings of a female figure usually found on Norman churches. They consist of an old woman squatting and pulling apart her vulva.
A protective barrier of power erected around a person, place, or object.
Magickal tool corresponding to the staff in other traditions. Usually made from blackthorn wood.
A crystal ball or other polished stone used for scrying.
A sacred place that holds a collection of objects representing a deity.
Female prophets of antiquity. In Christian times they were supposed to have predicted the arrival of Christ.
The burning of straws with a hot iron, resulting figures having divinatory properties.
The Realm of the Dead, or the "Faerie Realm," or the Under World in Fairy Lore.
(Shee) Fairies or other world beings.
Magickally oriented seal, sign, glyph, or other device used in a magickal working. Ones you can create yourself are the most effective. Sigils can be used on letters, packages, clothing, etc.
A pattern of sensory stimuli which is intended to communicate data.
Silver Cord
An ethereal cobweb-like cable which connects the spiritual or soul body to a physical body. Often seen when one astral projects and looks back or looks down. It penetrates through ones ethereal bodies from the solar plexus areas.
Silver Dagger
A traditional weapon for destroying various monsters.
Similarity, Law of
“Effects are liable to have one or more outward physical or inward mental appearances similar to one or more of said appearances of their causes.”
Simple Feast, The
A meal or a feast which is shared in the name of the God and Goddess.
Nude. Some traditions practice sky-clad, on the principle that clothing interferes with the vibrations from the Earth. Others practice sky-clad to show our freedom, or to remember the burning times, when it is said that clothing identified the person and the person’s social rank; so it was left outside the Circle for mutual safety. In those Circles, we are told, masks were also worn. With the parts usually seen covered, and the parts never seen uncovered, people were supposedly anonymous. Some groups work sky-clad because it tends to be quite warm inside a Circle. Some do, because they simply do.
Assigning deification to the sky as a male entity. A name for the God.
Slat an draoichta
"Rod of druidism," or a magick wand.
Sleeper Kings
Ancestral kings whose energy and knowledge waits to be summoned by future generations.
Path, passage, direction, means, manner, mode, way, distance, space, speed, measure, habit, will. The life-path one follows and the manner in which one follows it.
Smudging is the act of using a lit smudge stick to purify an object or an area. Smudge sticks are traditionally made from bundled sage along with other woods such as pine or cedar.
Snow Moon
The twelfth Full Moon of the year.
Solar Circuit
Principle of the connection between the human body and the unlimited source of energy in the universe. This particular connection is meant to feed the physical body and maintain physical life. The blocking of this chakra and its energy source results in illness and eventual premature death.
Pagan who works and worships alone.
The time of the sun’s passing a solstice which occurs about June 22nd to begin summer in the northern hemisphere and about December 22nd to begin winter in the northern hemisphere.
So Mote It Be
A popular Wiccan expression meaning “As I will, so it will be.”
The youngest aspect of the God, characterized as energetic and handsome.
Indiscriminate terms for those who use (or are suspected of using) magick, especially when acting as independent agents and/or using their magic for “evil” purposes.
In general, sorcery refers to potent and dangerous magical force, which employs the help and aid of friendly and benevolent spirits.
Casting of lots and the assessment of omens indicated.
A pre-designated portion of the spirit which will be incarnated into a physical body. The soul is connected to the spiritual body through an energy "link" also called the silver cord.
Soul Mate
Most often confused as a "love" interest or life partner. A Soul Mate is a kindred soul with whom you have a special spiritual connection, which does not imply a sexual partnership. They come into our lives to help us learn a major spiritual lesson that will hopefully propel us over a deep chasm that has long been part of our spiritual psyche. A soul mate can be a lover, a friend, someone who suddenly comes into your life and then just as quickly moves out (after the lesson is over). They don't come into every incarnation, that's one of the things that make a Soul Mate special.
Space-Time or Space-Time Continuum
The four-dimensional system consisting of three coordinate axes for spacial location and one axis for temporal location, upon which any physical event may be determined by citing its four coordinates; also, the four dimensional space formed by these four axes.
A magickal ritual, usually non-religious in nature and often accompanied by spoken words. It should be clear, concise, focused and emotional. It is the extension of mental and emotional energy in order to accomplish a specific goal. A spell can be written, spoken, drawn, etc. The best spells are the ones you write yourself. A spell will not work unless true need of it is present so don’t be getting greedy. Also, magick always takes the path of least resistance a spell can only open a “path” which you will need to take in order to reach your goal.
The art of creation of spells for a desired goal or result.
The casting two or more spells associated with the same goal.
This symbol signifies an inward journey. It represents the emergence into consciousness of what was previously hidden. It also suggests the round of seasons, where life unfolds and fades, unfolds again in a repeating cycle — it means life.
Spiral, Double
The double spiral means descent and return.
The overall energy that runs the universe in a harmonious way. The ‘fifth element’.
Spirit Guide
A spiritual guide, who was someone you knew in a past life. Someone who is on the same spiritual level of knowledge as yourself to aid and guide an individual through the higher purpose or mission of their life in this embodiment.
A religion based upon the belief in life after death and the experiences of various mediums over the last hundred years; organized primarily to provide legal protection for the mediums and their followers.
Divination using cinders or soot.
An anti-psi talent for the generation of specific psi broadcasts (usually of emotions) so strong that all other psi signals in range are drowned out or disrupted, with the information content of those signals collapsing first; may be a form of reversed empathy or of single-content telepathic sending.
Disembodied spirits, elves, fairies or daemons; often the term used for the Air elemental known as “sylphs,” or as the name of the elementals of Spirit.
Ritual tool which corresponds to the wand or Athame, although seldom used.
A forked stick placed in the center of the circle, as a primitive symbol of the horned God or other deity being invoked.
StarKindler Witches
Traditional Witches who trace there line of initiatory descent from both Gerald Gardner and from Alex and Maxine Sanders, through a line of Starkindler High Priests and High Priestess, according to the StarKindler Book Of Shadows, and who practice the Starkindler tradition of Wicca.
Stars, Fixed
In astrology; a fixed star is a regular star like makes up the constellations.
Stars, Wandering
In astrology; a wandering star was a term meant for planets & our moon.
Statistics, Three Magical Laws of
“Once is dumb luck, twice is coincidence and three times is Somebody Trying to Tell You Something.”
Powerful faery stone called the Faery Cross.
The straight line on which the notches and scores are cut to make Oghamic Fews.
Another form of throwing open a book and selecting a random passage for the purpose of divination.
Draws omens from the way people dress.
Storm Moon
The second Full Moon of the year.
Italian for witch.
Italian for witchcraft.
Subconscious Mind
Part of the mind which functions below the levels we are able to access in the course of a normal working day. This area stores symbolic knowledge, dreams, the most minute details of every experience ever had by a person.
“Reality” as it is perceived, instead of as it may be “in itself.”
Female wraith form or demon, for the purpose of sexual intercourse, legend held that the succubus would manifest to a male, perhaps in his dreams and thus acquire his semen, it would then take form of an incubus and manifest to a woman.
The Pagan Land of the Dead, where souls go after physical death to celebrate the afterlife and continue our spiritual education.
The male officer of the coven who corresponds to the Maiden. He is the assistant High Priest.
Sun Sign
In astrology, the zodiacal sign that the sun appeared to be in at the time and location for which the chart is cast. In isolation, the sun sign reveals very little data.
See Deosil.
Rare, unusual, beyond the common, extraordinary, unexplainable at the time, paranormal; usually input as “religious” phenomena.
1Fixed irrational notions held stubbornly in the face of evidence to the contrary; beliefs, practices, concepts or acts resulting from ignorance, fear of the unknown, morbid scrupulosity, erroneous concepts of causality, etc., as in the words and actions of many critics of parapsychology and the occult. 2“A belief not founded in any coherent worldview” (J. B. Russell). 3Someone else’s religious or philosophical beliefs.
The normal form of prayer, that is to say, begging; occasionally, asking an entity to give you her or his attention for a moment.
Survival Phenomena
Paranormal phenomena that appear to bear relevance to the questions of survival after physical death; at one time the main area of study in parapsychology when it was still being called “psychic research.”
Suspension of Disbelief
Temporary curtailment of critical faculties for a specific time and specific purpose, it is absolutely necessary during the performance of a ritual. Before and after the ritual, however, the participants can and should 'criticize' all that they can.
Book or traditional collection of sayings.
Norse home of the dwarves in the lower world.
An archaic weapon used in western occultism as a symbol of the “element” of Air, as well as for fighting psychic battles, concentrating and directing energies, and for severing psychic links or bonds.
Preformed by writing messages on tree leaves; the slower they dry, the more favorable the omen. A modern variation is to write on slips of paper (always include one blank) and rolling them up. They are held in a strainer over a boiling pot; the first to unroll will be answered.
An “entity” or “elemental” that dwells in the plane of Air or is associated with the Air Element.
A sign plus an associated concept.
Sympathetic Magick
Concept of like attracts like. Most common way spells are worked.
When two things occur at exactly the same time. Having the same vibrational and magickal energies. To time things together for a desired magickal outcome.
Synodic Month
The time required of the moon to pass through its lunar phases and return to the start.
Synthesis, Law of
“The synthesis of two or more ‘opposing’ patterns of data will produce a new pattern that will be ‘truer’ than either of the first ones were.”
The nearly straight line configuration of three celestial bodies.
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