The general term for divination using a deceive such as a divining rod or pendulum. Other forms include “table tipping” which was practiced in the White House in the 19th century, the Ouija board, automatic writing (or super conscious writing), and scrying.
Any of several divinatory methods, where a message is received through the air; but here meaning of an intuitive exercise.
Random Divination
Divination methods that take their interpretive value from things that the querent cannot control, such as finding a penny (portends luck).
This is a fairy fort or mound usually surrounded by a ditch.
The person who will interpret the divination being used for the person asking the question.
1The result of consensus opinion. 2That which is most comfortable and convenient to believe. 3An individuals perception and creation of their own universe.
Reality, Levels of
The concept (resulting from the Law of True Falsehoods) that a given idea may be “true” in some situations and “false” in others, depending upon the aspects, sections, areas or other subsets of the personal or consensus universes involved; such subsets may be considered “levels” of reality.
Receptive Energy
The opposite of Protective Energy; magnetic, soothing, attracting energy often used for meditation, promoting love, calm and quiet.
Receptive Hand
The hand through which energy is received into the body. The left hand in right-handed persons, the reverse for left-handed persons.
Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis
(RSPK) Term coined by William Roll. Refers to the unconscious use of PK and APK talents (usually by adolescents) as a release for frustration and means of obtaining attention.
An antipsi talent for reversing the force vectors of incoming psi broadcasts, thus returning them to their senders. Probably a variation of deflection.
1“An it harm none, do what thou will.” The most basic tenet of witchcraft. 2Archaic word that means “advice” or “council”. It can also refer to a narration or story.
To go back. This is most commonly used to find out aspects of an individual's past lives.
A method of healing by which the healer acts as a channel for the universal or divine energies helping to direct that energy into a person, animal, plant or even a situation.
The process of repeated incarnations in human form to allow evolution of the sexless, ageless soul. The belief that souls do not end at death, but wait for a time and then are reborn to live and learn on this earth again. This is one of the central tenets of the Craft.
Relative Guide
A spiritual guide who was a relative to you in this lifetime. This spiritual guide helps an individual through the day to day grind and nitty gritty processes of life. They are the spirit who greets you at the door when it comes your time to transition from life to death.
The term given to ancient ritual/magickal religious systems dating back anywhere from 18,000 to 23,000 years ago. This is the root of all Pagan, and thus, all religions.
Remote Viewing
Seeing an accurate version of a distant site or person.
The law of "what goes around, comes around"; "do onto others as thou wouldst have them do unto you". Every action you do comes with responsibility and certain repercussions. (See Threefold Law)
When a planet, from the viewpoint of Earth, appears to be moving backward through space.
Divination using a stick or wand. These methods were forerunners of the divining rod.
A means of divination using a book of poetry whereby the book is opened at random and a passage read.
Sovereignty. The middle realm of the Fifths.
Right Ascension/RA
An astrology term referring to the distance in the sky measured along a parallel to the Earth's Equator, like longitude lines but starting at the Zodiac beginning. As the Earth rotates on its axis each day, this celestial 'equator' and ecliptic is carried along with the Earth's Equator from 0 degree geographical longitude to 180 degree west and then back around to 0 degree again.
Right Hand Path
1The people we 'like' who are doing magic. 2Occultists who spend their time being constructive, manipulative and “good.”
Rising Sign
In Astrology, the zodiacal sign that was coming over the eastern horizon at the time and location for which the chart is cast.
The act of drawing a rune shape or letter, in the air.
Rites of Passage
Initiations or graduations of any sort. Be they Wiccaning, Crossing the Bridge, or attaining degrees. Age and knowledge has everything to do with these.
A specific form of movement, a manipulation of objects or inner processes designed to produce desired effects. In religion, ritual is geared toward union with the Divine. In magickal works it produces a specific state of consciousness that allows the witch to move energy toward needed goals.
Ritual Consciousness
A specific, altered state of awareness necessary to the successful practice of magick. This state is achieved through the use of visualization and ritual. The conscious mind becomes attuned with the psychic mind, a state which the magician senses energies, gives them purpose, and releases them toward a specific goal. It is a heightening of senses, an expanded awareness of the nonphysical world, a linking with nature and with Deity.
Ritual Dress
The alternative to Skyclad worship. The ritual dress is usually a robe or dress hand-made by the individual. Some covens have certain guidelines when it comes to this.
Ritual Purification
The practice of cleansing the body and mind prior to performing a ritual.
Ritual Tools
General name for magickal tools used by a witch or magician. They vary by tradition and usually represent one of the elements.
Devotion to the use of rituals and ceremonies above and beyond the call of sanity; often, an uncritical acceptance of rituals constructed in the past.
The Gypsies. The Rom are powerful diviners, and are also know for their fine talismans. Being travelers, the Rom have a close connection with the earth.
A stone whose magickal qualities are that of power, insight, creativity, determination and strength of both body and mind.
Rune, Witch's
A poem chanted to raise power.
A set of symbols used both in divination and magickal work. There are several types of runes with different origins. A few are the Norse, Scandinavian and Germanic Runes. They can function as an alphabet and are useful in vision questing, dream recall and controlling your environment.
Running the Light
Moving mass amounts of energy during a magickal work or with a sexual partner during love-making. Energy raised through Sex Magick.
A stone whose magickal qualities are that of energy building, insight, health and balance.
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