From the Latin paganus, “country dweller”. One who practices a religion that is not part of the Judo-Christian-Islamic, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist ect. Mainstream. All Witches are Pagans. Not all Pagans are Witches, by any matter of means.
Pagan Grove
A circle, normally set up for teaching purposes, and led by a Wiccan High Priestess (HPS) and High Priest (HP). Groves tend to be fluid — but then, Pagan groups in general are like Lava Lamps. They flow, divide, joint together, ect. with amazing frequency.
When a baby is presented in circle to the Goddess and God, and given a craft name which s/he will keep until about the age of 13 and can choose their own at their Coming of Age celebration. Also called Wiccaning. Note: This does not make the child a Witch.
Paleolithic Age
The Paleolithic Age is the age of humankind, 18,000 to 29,000 years ago, said to have been the time when wo/man evolved a belief in some force higher then themselves. They assigned Gods to the important and unexplainable things that existed with them; a God of Lightning, a God of Earthquakes, a God of Fire, etc., The God of the Hunt — food, tools, clothing — and the Goddess of Love — sex and birth. These evolved into the All Father and All Mother; God and Goddess of Witchcraft. These beliefs came about naturally long before there was a Bible or Christianity.
A general term for the original polytheistic, nature-centered faiths of tribal Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas, Oceania and Australia, when they were (or in some rare cases, still are) an intact belief systems. Of the so-called “Great Religions of the World,” Hinduism (prior to the influx of Islam into India), Taoism and Shinto, for example, fall under this category, though many members of these faiths might be reluctant to use the term. There are billions of Paleopagans living and worshiping their deities today.
Divining with a pendulum.
The broad field of divination and interpretation of the lines and structure of the hand.
The Greek God of the forests, pastures, flocks and shepherds.
One who combines the tenets of theism and pantheism, believing that divinity is both immanent and transcendent.
Belief in many deities. Paganism is pantheistic.
One who believes in universal, immanent divinity; that is, divine presence in all places, people, and things.
The belief that the universal divine is represented by Nature.
A collection or group of Gods and Goddesses in a particular religious or mythical structure.
The study of paranormal phenomena in tribal, traditional and/or non-literate cultures.
Unusual or “supernatural.”
The study of extrasensory perception in humans and other natural phenomenon that appears to be supernatural.
An exercise of a significant transition.
Passing Over Ritual
Ritual observed when a loved one has died.
Passive Ritual
One in which those persons raising and focusing the psychic energies are the main targets intended to be changed.
Passive Talent
A psychic talent that involves the reception of energy or data by the agent from the target.
Past Life Regression
Act of using meditation or guided meditation to pass through the veil of liner time and perceive experiences encountered in a previous existence.
A method, system or approach to magical or mystical knowledge.
Path, The
The One-True-Right-And-Only-Way followed by the user of the term. Most often in reference to 'Monotheistic' religions.
Path Working
Using astral projection, bi-location, or dream time to accomplish a specific goal. May also be called vision questing.
Based on the Consort/Horned God or male as head of the 'family'. Descent, kinship, and succession are determined through the father.
A deity that an individual feels most comfortable with or sees reflected in his or her own personality. The number of patrons one chooses to have is a matter of choice though most people choose one as their dominant spirit. Patrons hear prayers, provide guidance, aid with divination, offer blessings and other bounties on those who devote their lives to them.
Concerns itself with spring water and bubbling fountains and the omens contained therein.
Pen of Art
A pen used especially for magickal work.
A divinatory device consisting of a string attached to a heavy object, such as a quartz crystal, root, or ring. The free end of the string is held in the hand, the elbows steadied against a flat surface, and a question is asked. The movement of the heavy object’s swings determines the answer. It is a toll which contacts the psychic mind.
A circle surrounding a five-pointed, upright star (pentagram). Often worn as a symbol of a witch’s beliefs. The circle represents unity or the World.
Pentacle, Banishing
A pentacle drawn beginning at the top point and following down the left side to the bottom left point and so on, ending at the top point from the bottom right point. This is for 'destructive' or negative magickal purposes and/or worship.
Pentacle, Invoking
The opposite of the Banishing Pentacle; This pentacle is drawn starting at the top point and following down the right side to the bottom right point and so on, ending at the top point from the bottom left point. This is for 'constructive' or positive magickal purposes and/or worship.
The basic interlaced five-pointed star, visualized with one point up. It represents the five elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. It is a symbol of power and protection.
A five pointed star made by interweaving five letter A’s.
The process of classifying sensations.
Perfect Love and Perfect Trust
A Wiccan ideal; we begin by working to create them with in the coven and expand from there.
Turkish word for faery or beautiful girl.
The point of the moon's orbit closest to the sun.
The point of a planet's of comet's orbit closest to the sun.
Perilous Realm
Also known as the faery realm.
Personal Altar
A surface designated by a Witch to represent his or her place of power.
Personal Power
The energy which sustains our bodies. It originates within the Goddess and God. We first absorb it from our biological mother within the womb, and later from food, water, the Moon and Sun, and other natural objects.
Persecutions, The
With the coming of Christianity, which apparently came out of nowhere as a unique revelation of 'God', the Christian Church forced the pagan peoples to convert or die. The persecutions by Xians against all other non-bible religions and practices began sometime between the mid to late 1300's and continued their Xian domination until the last law against Witchcraft was repealed in 1951. In this time, approximately 6,000,000 to 9,000,000 people had been burned, hanged, or tortured to death on the charge of Witchcraft. Not even one fourth were actually witches.
Personal Universes, Law of
“Every sentient being lives in and quite possibly creates a unique universe which can never be 100% identical to that lived in by another.” (See Hixson’s Law and Infinite Universes, Law of)
The Self built up in a single incarnation, as a product of both heredity and environment and consisting of the ego self, or one's own inner sense of identity, and the persona or outward personality shows to others.
Personification, Law of
“Any phenomenon may be considered to be alive and to have a personality, and may be effectively dealt with as such."
Perversity, Law of
“If anything can go wrong, it will, at the worst possible time — and in the most annoying manner possible.” Also known as “Murphy’s Law.”
A variation in a process that effectively negates or contradicts what the user of this term considers to be the original purpose of the process.
Divination by interpreting pebbles.
An astral body or spiritual entity showing itself as a human being, only hazy or less dense than a physical body. Most often a soul that has transitioned to death, but does not want or does not know they have passed. Seen always in full form from head to toe. Can also be called a ghost.
Phases of the Moon
The stages of the Moon (new, waxing, full, waning) as it journeys around earth. One complete orbit of the moon around the Earth is called a lunar cycle and takes twenty-eight days. There are thirteen lunar cycles per year.
The long practice study of head formations.
Means of divination whereby one slaps a rose petal against the hand and judges the favor ability of the omen by the loudness of the sound.
Physical World, Body or Universe
That which we can see, feel, touch and taste with our five physical senses. Pertains to the mundane third dimensional existence.
The study of character analysis through physical features.
"Lake serpent," or water dragon.
Piob shith
"Faerie pipe."
Piscean Age
A period of time associated with a particular phase of spiritual growth and enlightenment. The age the planet is leaving as it moves into the Age of Aquarius. The age of the fish and it's element, water. which includes the sinking of Atlantis, the flood of Noah, walking on water by Jesus, baptism into a spiritual life by water, conquering the "flat" sea by the Vikings and Columbus, discovery of the oceans by submarine and scuba technology.
Similar to a faery.
A term used to describe someone affected by the elves and faeries.
Plane, Mental
The thought process, conscious and unconscious.
Plane, Physical
The physical body and its workings, through coordination with mental plane.
Plane, Spiritual
A person's perception of life's existence, consisting of belief or lack of belief in the Divine.
Planetary Hours
A system of hourly division associated with planetary energies.
The concept of equal, opposite energies. The Eastern Yin Yang is a perfect example. Yin is cold, yang is hot. Other examples: Goddess/God, night/day, Moon/Sun, birth/death, dark/light, psychic mind/conscious mind. Universal balance.
Polarity, Law of
“Any pattern of data can be split into (at least) two patterns with ‘opposing’ characteristics, and each will contain the essence of the other within itself.”
Noisy, sometimes violent, physical phenomena that is usually cause by hormonal imbalance or regressed anger.
Belief in the existence of many unrelated deities each with their own dominion and interests who have no spiritual or familial relationships to one another.
One who believes in the existence of multiple Gods, Goddesses, and/or other divine entities. This includes duotheism, the belief in a matched pair of divine entities.
Intellectual speculations concerning the natures of the Gods and Goddesses and Their relations to the world in general and humans in particular; etc.
Anthropomorphic dolls used to represent certain human beings in magick spells.
A spiritual companion and elemental being.
An energetic force that creates patterns to which one merges (usually through meditation). Associated with the "Bright One(s)".
The process or experience of having another being (divine, demonic or other) inside of one’s own body, usually as the result of a conscious or unconscious invocation. See Obsession.
A petitioner or candidate for admission into a religious order, the Wiccan rite of Initiation refers to the candidate as a Postulant, which signifies not only that Wicca is a specific Pagan Mystery religion and magical order, but also that, Wicca does not proselytize, a candidate must ask to be Initiated into Wicca.
A liquid contrived with magickal components and through magickal processes to produce a specific result. Although most potions are meant to be consumed, some might be asperged, poured out to the earth, or tossed on a fire, depending on their intended function.
Power Hand
The power hand is the hand with which one normally writes. This is the right hand if one is right-handed, or the left hand if one is left-handed. So named the power hand because this is the hand from which personal power energy is sent from the body. The dagger and wand should be held in the power hand during ritual and spellwork.
Any pagan worshiper; one who actually practices paganism or magick, not simply reads about it for scholarly interest.
Pragmatism, Law of
“If a pattern of belief or behavior enables a being to survive and to accomplish chosen goals, then that belief or behavior is ‘true,’ ‘realistic,’ and/or ‘sensible’.”
Life energy.
An inner knowledge or sense of future events.
A forewarning of events to come.
A male dedicated to both the service of his chosen deity and humankind. All male Wiccans are priests after they have been Initiated (Self or Coven). In a coven setting, their may be a High Priest who acts as administrator for the coven and a co-leader in rituals.
A female dedicated to both the service of her chosen deity and humankind. All female Wiccans are priestesses after they have been Initiated (Self or Coven). In a coven setting, their may be a High Priestess who acts as leader of the coven and in rituals.

Note: Neither male nor female has dominion over the other in the Craft. The High Priest and High Priestess in a coven environment should work as a balanced team.

Primeval Deity
The God and Goddess before creation and their subsequent separation into two separate entities. Both feminine and masculine, the Primeval Deity is both spiritual and physical and resolves all opposites and polarities and containing within Itself all things.
Principles of Wiccan Belief
The fourteen principles are a list of the mindset and beliefs of most modern Witches. They were defined and adopted in 1974 by the Council of American Witches.
Projective Energy
That which is electrical, forward-moving, active. Projective energy is protective. (See Receptive energy)
Projective Hand
The ‘dominant’ hand through which personal power is sent from the body. Normally the hand used for manual activities such as writing, dialing the phone, etc.
Tools, physical emblems and other objects used primarily as associational and/or trance inducing devices.
The ability to predict events before they occur, foreseeing the future, prophecies are considered messages from the divine.
One who can foresee future events. Nostradamus was a prophet.
To convert or attempt to convert, as from one religion or point of view to another. Wiccan/Pagans do not do this.
Short for “psychic.”
Psi Corps
Organizations set up by governments in order to use psychic talents for the benefit of the governments involved, especially in matters of espionage, sabotage and assassination.
One who has more than one very strong mental ability.
A mental ability where one is able to foresee future events through enhanced intuition with remarkable accuracy and detail.
Psychic Mind
The subconscious, or unconscious mind, in which we receive psychic impressions. It is at work when we sleep, dream, and meditate. It is our direct link with the Divine, and with the larger, nonphysical world around us.
The act of being consciously psychic, in which the psychic mind and conscious mind are linked and working in harmony. Also known as psychic awareness.
Form of mysterious writing having a divinatory nature.
Moving physical objects with the mind.
Sensing a person’s or item’s past by holding an object.
A ritual fire, term is most often used to denote the ritual fire whence the dead are to be cremated.
A magickal stone whose qualities are that of prosperity, energy generation, circulation and flow.
A mental ability where one is able to produce flames with no more than a thought.
Forms of divination by fire or flame, often assisted by substances thrown onto the flames.
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