Oak Moon
Some years have twelve Full Moons in them, others have thirteen in them. The Oak Moon is this thirteenth Full Moon of the year. (See Blue Moon)
Oak People
A group of Druids who lived in England.
In Celtic Myth, Oberon is the "King of the Faeries". A God ruling in Avalon.
“Reality” as it supposedly is “in itself,” instead of as it may be perceived.
Being besieged or impelled by an outside force (often perceived as demonic) to entertain thoughts or perform actions of an unpleasant, malign, pathological or unprofitable nature; thus causing anxiety and fear to be experienced by the person involved and/or observers. (See Possession)
Literal meaning is “hidden” and is broadly applied to a wide range of metaphysical topics which lie outside the accepted realm of mainstream theologies.
Eclipse of a star by the moon. Also occult, meaning the shutting off of light.
One who practices and or studies a variety of occult subjects.
Divination from a person’s eye.
Those Pagans who worship the Norse pantheon of Gods; Odin the All Father is whence the term is derived.
See Angus.
Giving a small token to a deity by way of thanks, or as a means of invoking assistance. This token should be meaningful and valuable to the person who gives it. Typical offerings include grains, wine, coins, handmade goods.
The ancient Celtic tree alphabet consisting of twenty letters, each corresponds to a tree.
See Imbolc.
Divination using wine.
Old Ones, The
The term which refers to all aspects of the Goddess and God.
Old Religion
A name for Paganism.
1A sign from the Gods that foreshadows what is to come. 2An object or event that is to denote either good or bad fortune.
A spell placed on a home, or other area.
The interpretation of dreams and their prophetic nature.
The Boundless. A place where one is connected to all things and nothing. When in your Astral Body, you have achieved Oneness.
Divination by means of dream interpretations.
The study of the meaning of names.
The application of onomancy applied to personal names, particularly in the sense of occult interpretation.
The study of dealing with the fundamental essence of all things, visible and invisible, as opposed to material existence.
The study of fingernails.
Divination from serpents.
A stone whose magickal qualities are that of cosmic energy, creativity, wisdom, harmony, and balance.
Another type of egg divination.
The time when one celestial body is 180 degrees from the position of another in the opposite sky.
A person or thing that serves as an agent of divine communications. Can also be a building or shrine where a God speaks to people through the priests or priestesses.
Oracle at Delphi
A building constructed on a mountain slope that emanated a peculiar vapor. When the psychic Pythia sat in the building the vapor reportedly helped to open her psychic doors and permit Apollo to work through her. Together they gave guidance to individuals and leaders of countries.
The traditional Laws of the Craft, some for individuals and others for covens.
Order of the Golden Dawn
A society founded in England during 1887 by the Rosicrucians. It was patterned after the Hermetic Society and brought many great ancient truths from the spirit world to it's members.
The Gods and Goddesses of Santeria and Candomble. An African/South American pantheon.
The study of omens associated with birds, particularly birds in flight.
A symbol of the God of creation, King of the Underworld and symbol of immortality.
Occurring at the Spring Equinox, around March 21st, Ostara marks the beginning of true, astronomical spring, when snow and ice make way for green. As such, it is a fire and fertility festival, celebrating the return of the Sun, the God and fertility of the Earth (the Goddess).
Other Side
A term that refers to the Spirit World, the Other World, or heaven. The Other Side is where spirits and other spiritual entities reside.
Other World
1The Worlds other than the Physical World in Celtic Cosmology. 2The celestial or "higher" realms in Celtic Cosmology, most often designated with the word MAGH. 3Fairyland an invisible world, where the natural laws of the universe don’t apply, land of immortality.
Ouija Board
A trademark for a manufactured board that spells out answers to questions. It has been known to draw the inferior entities to move the indicator and provide false information. When used as a game or by those who do not fully understand how to protect ones energies and raise their vibrational levels to the Divine spirit, this tool can lead to physical dangers. It is not the tool of choice by positive energy psychics.
Out of Body Experience
(OBE) Occurs when the soul body moves out of the physical body into the etheric realm. This occurs randomly during sleep hours to replenish the vitality of the physical body and/or to work through spiritual, karmic, or clarification lessons at a higher level of awareness. The soul body is always attached to the physical body through a long silver cord attached from the physical solar plexus to the soul body's solar plexus.
The seers and fortune-tellers or diviners of Druidism.
The method of divination by eggs.
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