A double-headed ax which symbolizes the Goddess in Her Lunar aspect. Although its roots are in ancient Crete, many Dianic Witches use this symbol in their practice.
The Goddess. We refer to Her by any of the names of Her aspects. She is a triple Goddess; Maiden, Mother, and Crone, and we identify ourselves with different aspects of Her at different points in our lives, as well as appealing to different aspects for different things. She is all encompassing, containing especially all creative and procreative properties, all aspects of nurturing and healing, all forms of birth and rebirth, all growth and plenty. All women partake of Her nature, and are part of Her. All things are Her children. She is the earth, the moon, the stars and the rain. Together, the Lord and the Lady bring forth all the life that is on earth.
August 1st. Witch Festival. The Old Celtic name for this festival is Lughnassadh. It is the Festival of the First Fruits, and is the first of the three harvests. This festival also marks the change of the Threefold Goddess energies from that of Mother to Crone.
Lamps of Art
Candles used to illuminate the alter at a ritual.
Divination using lights or torches.
Lapis Lazuli
A Stone whose magickal qualities are that of psychic development, divination, protection, creativity, and power.
Last Quarter
One-half of the Moon appears illuminated by direct sunlight while the illuminated part is decreasing. Here the Moon is Crone.
Law of Magic
A statement of the ways magical phenomena seem to work.
Law of Return
Whatever energy is sent out returns to the sender multiplied. Some traditions say it is multiplied by three, and therefore we call this principle the “Threefold Law”.
Laws, Law of
“The more evidence one looks for to support a given law, the more one finds.”
Laws of Witchcraft
A list of rules for Witches, focusing on individual conduct and coven operations. They are sometimes called the ‘Ordains’. Several versions exist. Their origins are unclear; they may be from the Burning Times, or recent, or a pastiche of ancient and modern. Generally, each coven has a set of Laws, sometimes divided into Spiritual, Physical (or Mundane) and Magickal categories.
Uses a basin of water for divination.
Left-Hand Path
The practice of using magick to control others, to change the will of others, and for personal gain. Generally frowned upon.
A mathematical symbol for 'infinity'; it is a horizontal figure eight, that is an 8 lying on its side, This term comes up in reference to Tarot, and traditionally found on the cards: I. Magician, XI. Strength, and the II. Pentacles which formerly was the 'key' card bearing the deck maker's signature.
A fairy associated with elves, both have traditional ties to shoe-making.
Bag holding herbs carried by healers.
A harvest Goddess associated with Midsummer, in fact the Sabbat is also called "Letha's Day" by some traditions. Her magickal symbols are a swan and apples.
A psi talent involving the combination of PK proper with Gravity Control and/or Mass Control in order to produce floating effects.
Ley Lines
Invisible lines of force said to network throughout the earth in geometric patterns. When these lines are disrupted or injured, the associated land may suffer.
Study of incense and its smoke.
Ritually given portion of food or drink to a deity, nature spirit, or ghost.
Light Control
An APK talent for the control of photons.
Light, Divine
Spiritual energy from the Divine forces, that can be seen as a bright white light.
Direct descendant from an ancestor, ancestry, family in Wicca, the line of initiator decent, or magical and spiritual ancestry, and hence the initiator family, related by a common ancestry.
Lion na mna sithe
"Lint of the Faerie Woman," a healing herb.
Long prayer or incantation with constantly repeating refrain.
Divination using precious stones of various colors.
Refers to a tree in which a Dryad or Wood Sprite type Being, is believed to dwell.
Refers to stones, mountains, cliffs, etc. in which a nature Being is believed to dwell.
Living Traditions
Spiritual traditions accepting everything is alive with spirit and continuously evolving, like nature, faery rings and mythology.
Also "Ler", "Lir", and sometimes "Lyre" or "Lyr". A God of the sea and king of the oceans and Merfolk. Shy, He rarely reveals himself, but sometimes appears as a merman. Gentle and loving, but cruel and full of rage if provoked. His magickal symbols are sea shells, sharks, sea mammals, the sea serpent, and sea gulls. He plays a harp (lyre) which he fashioned with silver, pearl, coral, and shell.
The God. We refer to Him by the names of His aspects. He is the Horned God of the Hunt, the Lord of Death and Resurrection. We often refer to Him as the Laughing Lord. He is the Consort of the Lady, who dies and is reborn each year. He is sensuality, strength, music and lust. All men partake of His nature, and are part of Him. He is the sun, the sky and the wind. Together, the Lord and the Lady bring forth all the life that is on the earth.
Legend, mythology, history and historic events, practices, etc.
Low Magick
Any magick that is not ceremonial or ritualistic in nature. Pretty much any spell not cast during an Esbat or coven meeting or that is not held in a ritual circle or on sacred ground.
Lower Self
That part of ourselves of which distinct from the universe as a whole. This is also the part that we are easily aware of: the physical, the emotional, and the mental aspects of being. Compare to Higher Self which refers to the Astral, creative or unified level of our consciousness that binds the individual with universal Deity.
Also "Lucta", "Luchtaine". A God of smiths, wrights, and craftsmen. Associated with Gobannon, He is the Carpenter God. His magickal symbol is the shield.
Also "Lug", "Lleu", "Llew". Uncontested master of all arts. A God of war, smiths, poets, and bards. He is associated with the setting sun and the moon. He is a champion of the Gods, a historian and powerful sorcerer. He has a very lusty appetite and is known for his generosity and prowess. His magickal symbols are the cock, turtle, goat, a magick sword and a bag of coins.
A Wiccan festival celebrated on August 1st, also known as August Eve, Lammas, Feast of Bread. Lughnassadh marks the first harvest, when the fruits of the Earth are cut and stored for the dark winter months, and when the God is also mysteriously weakened, as the days grow shorter.
Lucid Dreaming
Vivid dreams that are totally under the dreamer’s control.
The Roman Goddess of the Moon.
Lunar Cycle
A roughly 29-day cycle during which the visible phase of the Moon waxes from dark to full and wanes to dark again. Much magick is geared to the energies present at certain phases of the cycle.
Lunar Phases
The moons' phases are: Dark or New Moon, then the Waxing Moon (getting larger) through the First and Second Quarters to the Full Moon. Then from the Full Moon we find the Waning Moon (getting smaller) through the Third and Fourth Quarters back to the Dark Moon.
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