I Ching
A Chinese system of divination in which yarrow stalks, or coins are cast to create hexagrams, which are then interpreted from a standard I Ching book.
The divination of medical problems and solutions.
Divination using fish.
1'Icon' is like a statue of a Goddess; 'oclasm' is the act of breaking icons, or religious images. 2Can also refer to the act of attacking the beliefs of another.
Identification, Law of
“It is possible through maximum association of the elements of one’s own metapattern and those of another being’s to actually become that being, at least to the point of sharing its knowledge and wielding its power.”
Imaging/To Image
Term for strong visualization of a concept being used for focusing.
Fire in the head, source of poetic/magickal/divine inspiration.
Imbas Forosnai
Word of mouth wisdom.
A Wiccan festival celebrated on February 2nd, also known as Candlemas, Lupercila, Feast of Troches, Oimelc, Brigit’s Day, and many other names. Imbolc celebrates the first stirrings of spring and the recovery of the Goddess from giving birth to the Sun (the God) at Yule.
Imitative Magick
Used a lot by ancient hunters and farmers, imitative magick involved enacting the desired outcome of the spell or ritual as reality, such as drawing the image of a captured animal on a stone just before the hunt begins.
The belief that Deity exists within all things, including people, and cannot be separated from them.
Something that exists or remains within. It can be something inherent. From the Latin meaning “to remain in”.
Voyage or journey of the spirit.
A rhymed affirmation.
Spirit within a physical body.
Ritual burning of herbs, oils, or other aromatic items to scent the air during acts of magick and ritual, and to better help the witch attune to the goal of the working. A symbol of Fire and Air, they may be in the form of sticks, cones, resins, or dried herbs. The incense chosen will depend on the nature of the magick being performed.
The practice of going to a sacred space alone for a time to receive divine inspiration.
Male wraith form or demon, for the purpose of sexual intercourse.
The immortal Self, the Higher Self, developed over the course of all ones incantations by the he actualizing of the potential of the Divine Spark, as distinct from the Personality built up in a single incantation.
Infinite Data, Law of
“The number of phenomena to be known is infinite and one will never run out of things to learn.”
Infinite Universes, Law of
“The total number of universes into which all possible combinations of existing phenomena could be organized is infinite.” (See Hixson’s Law and Personal Universes, Law of)
A liquid produced by soaking herbs in hot water.
Ingheaw Andagha
"Daughters of Fire," or the priestesses of the Goddess Brigit.
Someone who has been through a Ritual of Initiation, and taken vows (mostly to protect the Craft and other practitioners and dedicate oneself to the Gods. They vary a bit from Group to Group.) May be a self-initiated witch.
A ritual during which an individual is introduced or admitted into a coven. Not to be confused with Dedication. Coven initiations are generally associated with Degrees, as follows:
First Seen as Priest/ess of the Lady and Lord. Qualified to teach neophytes if they feel comfortable doing so, qualified to assist in Sabbats and other rituals as the High Priestess designates. May hold minor positions of authority within the Coven such as Scribes and Messengers. May sponsor someone for Coven membership.
Second Given the title of High Priest or High Priestess, and the power to act as an HPS or HP under the jurisdiction and authority of a Third Degree HPS or HP. May write and oversee the performance of rituals, and may be asked to call Quarters. Is qualified to assist during the symbolic or actual Great Rite. May serve in a position of authority within the Coven as a Mentor, or Mistress or Master of the Arts, or serve as an Elder on a High Council. May also serve as a Hand Maiden if asked. During the time one is a Second Degree HPS or HP, she or he is learning to administer to the needs of the Coven, counsel and advise — a “trainee”, so to speak. Second Degree initiates may, if given permissions, by the HPS, do formal dedications, and in certain circumstances, perform First Degree initiations.
Third Is given authority to use with the power given in the Second Degree. Is fully qualified to hive off from the Mother Coven and start his or her own family group. If the Third Degree HPS remains within the parent Coven, she is qualified to cast the magick circle and create the temple between the worlds. She may act as a vessel of the Lady during Full Moon rituals when the HPS of the Coven is absent. In the HPS absence, she will also act on behalf of the Coven’s HPS in every way, save for banishing and bindings. She is frequently a Hand Maiden, teacher, and counselor. May be given positions of authority within the Coven such as Elder. HP or HPS of the Third Degree may perform all First and Second Degree initiations and, if requested, and approved by the HPS, may perform Third Degree initiations. Is qualified to lead Sabbat celebrations and over see all ritual work.

Although there is some discussion in the Pagan community as to whether a self-initiation is valid, in our opinion, “The Gods initiate. We just officiate.” But only covens use Degrees.

Inner Circle
A coven's Inner Circle is composed of the coven's founders and/or its most learned members. Usually, one has to have attained third degree (in the coven's eyes) to be a full member of the coven's Inner Circle. If a coven has any "secrets", only the Inner Circle knows them or has access to them.
Inner Planes
Levels of being or consciousness other than the ordinary, physical or mundane consciousness.
Instant Karma
This result of your actions coming back to you very quickly.
Being able to sense or "feel" those energies.
To bring something in from without. An appealed or petition to a higher power (or powers), such as the Goddess and God. This is in the form of a prayer. Invocation is actually a method of establishing conscious ties with those aspects of the Goddess and God that dwell within us. In essence, then, we seemingly cause them to appear or make themselves known by becoming aware of them.
Invocation, Law of
“It is possible to establish internal communications with entities from either inside or outside of oneself, said entities seeming to be inside of oneself during the communication process.”
An Egyptian Goddess. Her Consort is usually Osiris.
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