Name used by some traditions for Samhain, or Halloween.
1Perception of objects or beings with no reality or not present within normal sensory scanning range. 2Experience of sensations with no exterior cause, usually as a result of nervous dysfunction. 3Perceptions not in accord with consensus reality.
Hallucination, Veridical
One in which the content is essentially factual.
A chemical or biochemical substance capable of inducing hallucinations when introduced into the human metabolism.
See Alomancy.
A Pagan wedding.
The divorce or parting of ways of a handfasted couple.
Hare Moon
The fifth Full Moon of the year.
A sacred stringed musical instrument and magickal tool of Bards. (See Bard)
Harvest Moon
See Barley Moon.
The goal of a great deal of magick, especially among healing-oriented spiritual traditions, is healing. Some alternative forms of healing include charkas/energy work, visualization, herbcraft, spirit journeys, crystal healing, among many others. Many Witches are professionals in the fields of healing and medicine.
Healing Channel
A person who has developed the knowledge and awareness to direct energy from the Divine forces to a person, animal, plant, place or thing for the purpose of healing.
Heat Control
The use of temperature control to start or stop fires and other heating phenomena, also called “psychopyresis.”
A non-Christian, from “one who dwells on the heath”.
The religion of those who live on the heath (where heather grows).
The Greek Goddess of ghosts and the Earth; the Dark Mother. Associated with magick and witchcraft for centuries.
Hedge Witch
A hedge witch, traditionally, is a solitary practitioner who depends on self-study, insight, creativity, and intuition as guideposts. Such a witch may be self-dedicated, but is rarely publicly initiated, with practices similar to those of the village shamans and cunning folk who provided spells and potions for daily needs.
A method for altering the state of one’s consciousness through the experience of intense pleasures; when extreme, may become tiring.
Heirloom Seeds
These seeds are of different varieties and cultivated through generations of plant.
The term Hellenic refers to all things Greek.
A God of the setting sun (Fire of Air), and of the dying. If invoked, He brings peace to those near death. After death, souls are in his protection until they reach their destination. His magickal symbols are the setting sun disc and a flute that brings peace and tranquility to those that hear it.
Helmet, Horned
A helmet with horns used by some traditions of Witchcraft worn by the High Priest during times of ritual. During these times, the High Priest is the embodiment of the Horned God.
A magickal stone whose qualities are that of grounding, protection, strength, density, and the otherworldly self.
A polytheistic religion where one deity is the official Ruler and is supposed to be the prime focus of attention.
Divination through the use of animal innards (see Anthropomancy), especially livers. When done with French hens, usually indicates cowardice.
Hephaestic Transference
The process of transferring the power or properties of an object to another object by burning the object and rubbing the ashes on the receiving object, traditionally, a way of transferring the power of Signs and Symbols to an object without having to actually write or inscribe those symbols on the object itself and there by risk discovery.
A plant or plant part valued for its medicinal, savory, or aromatic qualities.
Art of using herbs both magickally and medically to facilitate human needs.
A magickal stone whose qualities are that of dreams and dreaming, psychic stimulation, power, and higher love.
Described as spiritual texts which date to the early days of Christianity. These writings describe information on astrology, magick, mysticism and alchemy.
Herne the Hunter
Apparition said to appear in England’s New Forest. Xian mythology connects Herne the Hunter with the death of England’s King William Rufus, but Pagans see Him as an aspect of the ancient Horned God. If Herne appeared before an individual, it was considered to be an omen of death. The Horned God is always connected with winter and death. "Herne" is believed to be a shortened form of "Cernunnos", the Celtic name for the Horned God.
Also "Herdda". A Goddess of rebirth and healing. She is an earth Goddess representing the greening of spring time. Her magickal symbols are the cow, calf, and milk pail.
Six pointed star formed of conjoined upright and reversed triangles, representing the union of Fire Water and of Male and female the Star of the Macrocosm.
Hidden Children
Witches, who must often keep their religion secret, are the hidden children of the Goddess.
Divination by observing objects of ancient sacrifice.
Hierophant Druid
A Druid that has been a Grand Druid or at least a member of the High Council of Nine, but is no longer. These Druids, traditionally, usually became hermetic and would roam the wilds for the rest of their years, never to be seen alive, if at all, ever again. (See Druidism)
High Magick
A form of detailed and strict ceremonial magick. It is more directly related to the Divine Power of the Gods. High Magick is not necessarily more powerful than Low Magick. (See Low Magick)
High Priest
The primary male leader within a coven. Usually a third degree initiate who either helped found the coven, was chosen by the High Priestess, or was elected by the members.
High Priestess
The primary female leader within a coven. Usually a third degree initiate who either founded the coven, or was elected by the members.

Note: Neither male nor female has dominion over the other in the Craft. The High Priest and High Priestess in a coven environment should work as a balanced team.

Higher Self
The part of us which connects our corporeal minds to the Collective Unconscious and with the divine knowledge of the universe.
Hinayana Buddhism
The oldest or most “orthodox” form of Buddhism, with deities demoted to very minor roles or completely absent.
Divination from the stamping and neighing of horses.
Hiving Off
The process in which a coven splits off part of itself to form a new, separate entity, generally within the same tradition. Although sometimes it is done to keep the coven a manageable size, it may also occur when there are irreconcilable philosophical or political differences.
Hixson’s Law
“All possible universes that can be constructed out of all possible interactions of all existing subatomic particles through all points in space-time, must exist.”
Holy Water/Holy Oil
Blessed, purified water/oil for use in ritual. Salt or an herb may be added to the water as part of its ritual purification process.
A 200 year old religio-magickal practice started when the African slaves were brought to the Americas. It is the result of the combining of both African Voodoo and English/European Tradition(s).
Horned One
One of the most prevalent God-images in Paganism.
Practice of casting astrological horoscopes.
Divination by water including the color, ebb and flow, or ripples produced by pebbles dropped in a pool.
The promotion of one’s tribal deity to the rank of Supreme Being, as in Judaism, Christianity or Islam.
A categorical term for those psi talents consisting of super-fast thinking, usually at a subconscious level, often using data received via ESP, which then reveals all or part of the “gestalt” (whole pattern) of a situation; this is then presented to the conscious mind as a sudden awareness of knowledge (or “a hunch”), without a pseudo-sensory experience. (See Retrocognition and Precognition)
Excessive or pathological sensitivity of the skin or other senses; heightened perception or responsiveness to the environment; often mistaken for real ESP.
1As used in this book, an altered state of consciousness within which the following can occur at will: increase in bodily and sensory control, in suggestibility, in ability to concentrate and eliminate distractions, and probably in psychic abilities as well. 2A useful word and tool for those who cannot conceive of nor practice real mesmerism.
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