A tree God representing all beeches. He is strong, wise, and ageless.
Supernatural being who exists in a plane different from, but close to, the earth plane.
Fairy Burgh or Mound
Mound of earth which opens to a Fairy colony’s underground home.
Fairy Circle
This is a connection, a bridge between tying the human and faery world together, usually seen as a ring of flowers, shells, grass or stones.
Fairy Garden
This garden is built specifically with faeries in mind, flowers and trees special to faeries and elves are planted to attract these beautiful creatures.
Fairy Guardian
These helpful spirits protect the elemental doorway of your natural space, they are known also as the Watchers, their task is to watch and protect the thresholds of the seven directions, holding them in place until you bid farewell.
Fairy Kings
Consorts to the fairy queen, they are the gods of Irish tribes and defend the Irish clans.
Fairy Magick
You experience fairy magick when you leave the ordinary world and enter the realm of faeries.
Fairy Queens
These goddesses of Irish tribes still guard the Irish clans and families. These magickal fairy queens are the source of creation and sovereignty of the land.
Fairy Ring
This is known as an energetic ring and can be made using string, flowers, stones, seeds, twigs or leaves, it is made by fairies.
Fairy Tale
This is any story which involves all manner of magickal creatures, magickal forces.
Fairy Tradition
A sect of witchcraft started in the United States predominantly by Victor Anderson and Gwydion Penderwen that focused on the lore and magick of the fey.
This is a land filled with magickal beings going about their everyday lives just as mortals do. The otherworld is a mirror of the mortal world but with extraordinary things taking place, it is where no one ages or gets sick, where there is none of the discomfort experienced by humans.
Fairy Dust
A super-fine glitter, similar to embossing powder. Bought in small vials, some people wear them as magickal jewelry.
Faith Healing
CPK and/or other psi talents interpreted as religious phenomena in curing.
An animal that has a spiritual bond with a witch; many times a family pet. Familiars can also be entities that dwell on the astral plane. (See Totem Animal)
Familiar Spirit
An artificial elemental created for a particular function or purpose, a natural entity whose order of being is similar to that of the Elemental, and who agrees to perform a specific immediate or long-term service, and they must also benefit from the relationship, for humanity is the Initiator, not the enslaver, of the lower order of beings.
A mental effort to control another animal or person’s mind. Often considered unethical.
The three Fates: Birth, the thread of Life and the transition of Death.
The second, more mature aspect of the God, similar to the Christian idea of God the Father.
Feminine Energy
The intuitive, feeling side of life. The female aspects of the God/Goddess. (In a simplistic example: You think your hungry (that's feminine energy), you get up and make a sandwich, (that's masculine energy).)
Feng Shui
Ancient Chinese art of arranging objects in harmony with the earth's environment and energy lines. The term literally translates to "Wind and Water" but it refers to all the five Asian elements. Arranging objects and structures in the appropriate positions according to the system of Feng Shui allows for a healthy flow of spiritual energy or Chi.
A thought form sent to bring something or someone, sometimes used for the summoner or Guardian.
Feth Fiada
Spell of invisibility.
An object imbued with magical power, an object consecrated to a particular deity.
An Oghamic character.
Faerie folk.
A wandering band of warrior-bards led by Fion MacCumhaill.
Sacred Grove.
"Wood," or "tree." Used to denote the Oghamic characters and the Trees they represent.
Coiced. A province of the land or cosmos.
(Filid pl.) Poet bards. This Irish term most closely fits the term "Druid."
An anti-psi ability to use apopsi, reddopsi or deflection selectively, thus stopping part of a psi broadcast or field while letting the desired remainder (usually part of the information content) through.
A place in northern Scotland where people live apart from the rest of the world, living on and tending to the land, growing organic vegetables and working together as a community, embracing spirituality and meditation.
Finite Senses, Law of
“Every sense mechanism of every entity is limited by both range and type of data perceived, and many real phenomena exist which may be outside the sensory scanning ability of any given entity.” The Supreme Being(s) may be excepted from this law.
A rhymed incantation to change ones shape.
In many traditions, the element corresponds to the South, the color red, energy, will, passion, determination, purpose, ambition and spirituality.
Fire Festivals
First consisting of Beltane and Samhain. Imbolc and Lammas were added at a later date. These four festivals are associated with planting, harvesting, and hunting ceremonies.
The discharge of psychic energy in a ritual, the timing of which is frequently critical.
First Quarter
One half of the Moon appears illuminated by direct sunlight while the illuminated part is increasing. Here the Moon is the Maiden/Mother.
Learning. The western realm among the Fifths.
Five-Fold Kiss
A kiss performed in ritual where both feet are kissed, then both knees, the womb, both breasts, and the lips.
A Goddess and protector of the woodlands and woodland animals, associated with the deer Goddess "Sadv". She is quiet and shy, and her magickal symbols are a large doe, lush green grass, and woodland springs.
A magickal stone whose qualities are that of Otherworldly experience and peace.
Items used in ritual and magick to give focus and energy.
Folk Magick
The practice of projecting personal power, as well as the energies within natural objects such as herbs, and crystals, to bring about needed changes.
Traditional sayings, curses, wisdom of a particular locale which is separate from their mythology.
Story handed down amongst a people, from generation to generation. Often as a means of showing the validity of a particular course of action.
The additional five Oghamic Fedha which are used for dipthongs.
Four Wards, The
The four corners of North, East, South, and West. Also called the Watchtowers or Great Wards.
Old Norse word meaning 'Peace'.
Full Moon
The visible Moon is fully illuminated by direct sunlight. Here the Moon is Mother.
Full Moon Sabbat
One of thirteen monthly lunar celebrations of the full moon. It is a time for working magic and healing, as well as a time for special personal, family, or group celebrations.
To fill with or expose to incense smoke.
Futhark, Elder
The runic alphabet composed of twenty-five different runes.
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