In many magickal traditions, the element corresponds to the North; the colors black, brown and forest green; and foundation, stability, the human body, all solid material things, and prosperity.
Earth Magick or Power
The energy that exists within stones, herbs, flames, wind, and other natural objects.
Earth Mother
Female personification of the Life force, fertility of the Earth and its inhabitants. One of the most widespread deity concepts in the world (though far from universal); She is now worshiped in the West as Mother Nature.
Earth Plane
Metaphor for your normal waking consciousness, or for the everyday, solid world we live in.
Sending excess energy into the Earth; done in ritual after power has been raised and sent to its goal. (See Grounding)
A witch who worships in more than one mythological tradition.
When one heavenly body obscures another for a short period of time, creating a temporary veil or shadow.
Greek ekstasis, being out of its place, distraction, trance. The exaltation of consciousness beyond the limitations of ordinary awareness as a result of extreme emotional exaltation and religious fervor, the state of being outside oneself.
Also "Etain". A Goddess of grace and beauty and wife of the God "Mider", whom 'won' her in a chess game. Her magickal symbols are a herd of white mares with blue eyes and a spray of apple blossoms held in her hand.
Poems that are stories of the Norse gods and goddesses, and the origin of the world and all that is in it, including elves and dwarves.
A thought form an artificial energy construct, a body of force, a traditional ritual or spell builds up a store of force which may be tapped by the participants.
Force, efficacy, effect, value, worth, importance, meaningfulness, potency, success, capability, achievement, wisdom, sense, feats, avail, maturity, substantiation. The environment within which one acts; the powers outside a person that may be tapped into or interacted with.
Eildon Tree
This is a name given to the hawthorn tree which the sacred tree of elves and faeries.
Also "Elen", "Elen Lwyddawg", "Eriu" (Ireland). She is a Goddess of war and leadership, and immense stature. She is considered the Warrior Mother. "Myrddin" is one of her Consorts.
One who is recognized as an experienced leader, teacher, and counselor.
Electric Control
An APK talent involving the control of electricity and other electron phenomena.
Having to do with the interchanges between electrical and chemical energy, especially those taking place in the body.
Electromagnetic Spectrum
The entire range of frequencies or wave-lengths of electromagnetic radiation from the longest radio waves to the shortest gamma rays. Visible light is only a tiny part of this range.
The primitive non human and non material entity of the nature of one of the Four Elements, also an artificial elemental is a thought form whether created consciously by thought and will, or unconsciously by strong emotions, which develops a separate existence, that separate existence can be temporary or as in the case of Godform created by the devotion of the worshiper and ensouls by the Divine Force thus venerated through prayer and invocation, can become permanent and independent, the term elemental is also used to refer to the inhabitants of other realms of existence whose orders of being are similar to that of the Elementals, such as the inhabitants of the Faery Realm.
Elementals, Artificial
Term used by some Western occultists to refer to spiritual entities “created” by magicians, usually to perform specific tasks.
Elementals, Nature
Term used by some to refer to various minor spirits inhabiting or associated with various natural phenomena such as trees, streams, rocks, dust storms, etc.
Usually earth, air, fire, water, they are the building blocks of the universe. Everything that exists contains one or more of these energies. Some include a fifth element- spirit or Akasha.
Elf Fire
A term used for the flame used to light the balefire. Elf fire is created without the use of metals.
Elf Lights
Little cairns of stone, with inside room for a small candle in a glass holder. The stones are staggered so that when lit, the light shines through. A loose stone covers the top a few inches above the flame.
A kind of potion used to energize and restore overall health to the person drinking it.
Seven pointed star known as the fairy star.
Elemental spirits and helpers usually found in forests. Some say that they are the guardians of the Dragon Lines of the Earth.
"Land of the Moon," where the dead went.
A magickal stone whose qualities are that of psychic clarity, growth, divination, patterning, and sexuality.
One who can use the psi talent of empathy.
Empath, Controlled
Someone who uses psychometry and/or empathy and/or absorption, occasionally to the point of draining others of their psychic energy.
Empath, Total
One who has trouble controlling their empathic and/or other passive psychic talents, and subsequently gets “overloaded” with data and power.
A form of telepathic reception limited to the perception of emotions; obviously this talent would tie in nicely with absorption.
A term meaning to energize, charge, or empower an object such as a charm (talisman or amulet) with energy for a specific magical purpose.
A spell.
A force or inherent power which is part of all living things, seen and unseen.
Energy Control
In Tantra, the control of biocurrents and their movements through the body; otherwise the control of energy in general.
Energy Field
A continuously distributed something in space that accounts for actions at a distance; an area where energy does something. Don’t blame me for the vagueness of this definition; it’s a standard one used in modern physics.
A French perfumery term describing the process of extracting essential flower oils, with purified fat. Also known as pomade.
A being, spirit, living creature or personification.
Eocra Esci
"Keys of knowledge," ogham sticks.
A book which shows where the planets are every day of the year.
An earth Goddess representing fertilization by water, and a horse Goddess. She is portrayed as holding an apple while seated on a horse.
Equal-Armed Cross
A cross with equally sized arms representing the elements. The original Celtic Cross.
The great circle of the earth that is equally distant from the two poles and divides the earth into the northern and southern hemispheres.
Either of the two times each year (as about March 21st and September 23rd) when the sun crosses the equator and day and night are of equal length.
A ritual occurring on the New or Full Moon and dedicated to the Goddess in her lunar aspect.
Greek esoterikos, inner, beyond ordinary knowledge or understanding, hidden or inner knowledge reserved for initiates.
An acronym for extrasensory perception; an ability to perceive facts outside the range of the usual five senses and independently of any reasoning process. Includes telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, and psychokinesis.
An intrinsic, fundamental nature or quality of something. The inward nature of anything which represents the underlying characteristics and relation to anything else.
Essential Oil
The fragrant 'blood' or liquid of a plant, usually flower.
A woodland God and aspect of the 'dark half' of "Kernunnos". He is a woodsman and hunter who slays "Tarvos", the golden bull. Appears tall, strong, and muscular wearing animal skins and carrying a sword and bow.
A hypothetical “substance” filling all space and conveying waves of energy.
An other term for the spiritual world. That which exists in pure energy.
Etheric Plane
The level of energy and existence between the Astral plane and the Material Physical and the intermediary between the Physical and higher Planes, it is usually regarded as a subplane of the Physical, together with the purely material subplane, rather than as a distinct Plane of its own.
1Part of philosophy and theology pertaining to matters of “right and wrong,” “good and evil,” etc. 2A set or system of moral values. 3Principles of conduct governing an individual or profession.
Part of social and cultural anthropology emphasizing descriptions of individual cultures rather than cross-cultural comparisons; when engaged in by the untrained, often degenerates into scrapbooking.
Evening Star
A bright planet seen especially in the western sky at or after sunset.
To call something out from within.
Evocation, Law of
“It is possible to establish external communication with entities from either inside or outside of oneself, said entities seeming to be outside of oneself during the communication process.”
The expulsion or banishing of unwanted forces or entities from a person, place, or thing.
1One who performs exorcisms. 2A magician or psychic (often very religious) with strong talents for CPK, anti-psi and the clair senses, who specializes in forcing or persuading unwanted psychic energies (including spirits) to depart from objects, persons or places.
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