The Roman God of Wine. The Greeks called him "Dionysus".
An old term for a witches rod, staff, wand, or besom used in divination and during fertility spells.
1An individual of powerful spirit who has decided to use it for selfish gain. 2A member of the "other" race who has been corrupted by power. 3A spirit being who appears to herald the death of a prominent individual. Sometimes linked to a specific family.
Harm, or disaster, sorrow, woe, something harmful.
A fire lit for magickal purposes, usually outdoors, traditionally using sage as part of the fuel. They are traditional on Yule, Beltane, and Midsummer.
A God of the Sun.
To banish, to curse, to forbid.
A Goddess representing Ireland.
That which destroys life, which is poisonous, destructive, dangerous.
To magickally end something or exorcise unwanted entities. To rid the presence of.
Banishing Magick
Using your will to make something go away.
A formally trained storyteller often entrusted with the oral history of a group.
Barley Moon
The ninth full moon of the year. Also called the "Harvest Moon".
Before Common Era. Synonymous with B.C. without religious bias.
Beithe Luis Nion
The old Irish name of the Celtic Tree Ogham.
Also "Bel", "Belanos". In Scottish it means 'May Day' (Beltane). A solar God of life, truth, inspiration, music, and health. He represents Fire of Fire and his magickal symbols are the sun disc, a golden harp, a golden curved sword, and spear.
A Goddess of fire, the maiden aspect of the Goddess Bridget. Her name means "like unto flame" or "bright and shining one". Her magickal symbol it the rising sun.
An aspect of Belisama, but more earthly. A Goddess of laughter, healing, and the forest.
Often used as a ritual tool, bells can be used to invoke directional energies or cleanse a space. Associated with the element of Air.
Ancient form of divination preformed by tossing or balancing arrows.
Beloved Dead
People who were known to us and whom we loved when they were alive, and who have crossed over.
A Wiccan festival celebration on April 30th or May 1st (traditions vary). Beltane is also known as May Eve, Roodmas, Walpurgis Night, Cethsamhain. Beltane celebrates the symbolic union, mating, or marriage of the Goddess and God, and links in with the approaching summer months.
Living thing, life, livelihood, quick, alive, active, lively. One’s physical body or true form. This can be shape-shifted into other true forms or be transformed by external magicks by others.
A witch’s broom, used for sweeping away energies among other things.
Beyond the Veil
A term pertaining to those things beyond our 'normal' five senses, such as angels, fairies, ghosts, etc. and things like channeling.
Divination by books.
A prayer.
1A 'doll' made from the last sheaf from the last harvest (See corn dolly) 2A little four inch doll made from material scraps.
1A type of astral projection during which you maintain awareness of your present surroundings. 2Being seen in two places at one time, or being able to visit a place with your mind while your body remains in a different place.
Binary Divination
Any divination system that offers a yes/no type answer.
To magickally restrain something or someone.
Electrochemical energy currents generated by living cells.
Biological Radio
Russian terminology for telepathy.
The physics of biological phenomena.
This world: the manifest multi-verse.
Black Magic
A term used to refer to magic being done for “evil” purposes or by people of whom the user of the term disapproves. Traditionally any form of magic done to another, or for another without the knowing and express approval of the person towards whom the magic is directed.
Black Mirror
A divination tool with solid black replacing the reflecting mirror.
Black Moon
The second dark moon (new moon) within a calendar month is a black moon. In working magic, a black moon is thought to be a time of enormous magical power in the spiritual world. Spellwork at this time is especially powerful.
Prosperity. The eastern realm among the Fifths.
To bless something or someone is to set it apart as sacred, or, as the dictionaries prefer, to make it “holy.” The word is sometimes used synonymously with “consecrate.”
Blessed Be
An all purpose greeting, response and farewell among Witches. It reminds us that everything and everyone is sacred.
A ritual used to consecrate by spiritual rite or word, a blessing.
Blessing Way
The ritualistic dedication of young children (similar to a baptism).
Blood Moon
The eleventh full moon of the year.
Blood of the Moon
A woman’s menses.
A magickal stone whose qualities are that of creativity, vitality, energy, and knowledge.
Blue Moon
When there are two Full Moons in one calendar month, the second is called a Blue Moon.
Also "Boi", "Boanna". A river Goddess, she is the mother of the herds. Her magickal symbol is a silver salmon.
Bodb the Red
A Son of Dagda. Virile and athletic, this God represents the male energy.
“Cow song,” a drum.
The white-handled knife, used in magick and Wiccan ritual for carving or cutting materials that are necessary for ritual or healing. It is also sometimes used for harvesting herbs, and will have a small silver sickle shaped blade.
Bonding Control
A PK talent involving the creation and/or alteration of bonding patterns on the intermolecular, interatomic and subatomic levels; thus causing disintegration or cohesion. See Geller Effect.
Book of Shadows
A Witch’s book of rituals, spells, dreams, herbal recipes, magickal lore and so forth. Much akin to a magickal cookbook. Also know as a BoS. Once hand copied upon Initiation, the BoS is now photocopied, typed, or given via diskette in some Covens. No one “true” Book of Shadows exists; all are relevant to their respective users. May also be referred as an HD-oS (Hard Disk of Shadows).
Book of the Dead
An Egyptian treasure on the afterlife that includes hundreds of magickal instructions for everything from invocations to charms.
Book Religions
An idea that pagan religions differ from organized religions because the main doctrines of organized religions are written down in entirety and therefore "fixed". Pagan religions are fluid and ever changing because nature and our experiences with her are ever changing.
Boomerang Curse
Spell designed to make an attacker suffer the effects of whatever hostile magic they may have launched at the user; a variation of the “mirror effect,” probably operates through reddopsi.
Boon Moon
A High Moon, the sixth full moon after Yule. Also called the "Dyad Moon".
Also "Bormo" and "Bormanus". A Celtic "Apollo" and God of healing. Represents Fire of Water; such as hot springs and mineral waters. A God of the unseen truth and inspiration through dreams. His magickal symbols are the same as those of "Belenus" with the addition of a flute and hot springs.
Divination from burning tree branches and leaves and studying herbs.
Also "Bron". A protector of poets and bards. He is an excellent singer and his magickal symbol is the bard's harp.
A Welsh Goddess of love, sometimes known as "the White-Bosomed One" and "the Venus of the Northern Sea". Her magickal symbol is a white crow.
A brazier was a very common means of heating larger homes in ancient Greece and ancient Rome. It was a portable metal device in which a fire would be kindled. Today, some use the term brazier to refer to an incense censer, thurible, or burner. The incense brazier is usually made of metal, is ornate, and is often designed to be suspended on a chain. It may be partly filled with sand so that incense sticks may be inserted, or charcoal briquettes can be used.
Breca Sith
“Fairy marks,” the livid spots that appear on the faces of the dying.
Brehon Laws
Old Irish laws governing all aspects of life.
Strength, energy, vigor, merit, essence, natural talent. The power inherent within a person, place or object. It is the power of the creative intent that basically defines your existence. One has a limited amount of Bri. (See Bua)
Magick, the spoken spell.
The triple aspect Goddess, Maiden, Mother, and Crone.
A sun and fire Goddess, representing Fire of Fire. She is the Goddess of the hearth and home and represents the sacred fire. She is a Goddess of smithcraft, healing, medicine, poetry, and inspiration. Her magickal symbols are the spindle and distaff, the sacred flame or balefire, the cauldron, and her brass shoe.
A powerful Celtic British nature Goddess, very similar to Bridget. Her name is an ancient name for Britain, representing the rivers and curves of the countryside.
Bright One
The "bright" aspects of the Goddess or All Mother representing light and life. (See Dark One)
Spanish for witch. (j is pronounced like h)
Victory, triumph, success, talent, destiny. The earned power that can be shared, stored, increased or decreased. It is what develops from ritual, configuration, blessing, sanctifications. One has an unlimited amount of Bua. (See Bri)
Drinking horn.
Buckland, Raymond
The man credited for the modern Craft movement in America, which he began in the 1960's and 70's. He studied with Gardner and has written many books on Witchcraft and Magick. He also founded the Tradition known as "Seax-Wica" — taken from Anglo-Saxon Witchcraft. Buckland and his wife were brought into the Craft by the same High Priestess as Gerald Gardner. (See Gardner, Dr. Gerald B.)
An engraving tool, often made with wooden handle carved by user and a sharpened nail.
Burning Times
Reference to a historical time from around 1000 C.E. through the 17th century when many people were tortured and burned by church and public officials on the assumption they were the Christian version of Witches. This turned into an extremely profitable venture, as all land and property was seized from the accused individual and portions given to the accuser (in reward fashion) and the remainder seized by church officials.
Bwa’r Crach
“Hag’s bow,” the rainbow leading to the Other World.
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