Lesson 6: Sabbats (Imbolc)

There are eight sabbats (from the French s’ebattre, meaning “to frolic”) in the course of a year. These are a time of celebration and rejoicing in the changing seasons and world all around us. The next few lessons will give you some insight to these holy days and how you might celebrate them.

The first sabbat of the calendar year is Imbolc (also called Candlemas, Imbog or Oimelc), celebrated on February 2nd. Meaning “in milk”, Imbolc celebrates the first stirrings of Spring and is symbolized by candles, burrowing animals, grain dollies, sun wheels and the colors white, yellow and pink.

In addition to the aforementioned symbols, there are several deities associated with Imbolc. Among those tied to the sabbat are the following: Aradia, Arianhrod, Athena, Brigid, Cupid, Pax, Braggi, and all flame deities.

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