Lesson 2: Pantheons

In the previous lesson we looked at the Lord and Lady in a general, broad view. We touched upon their different faces and archetypes, and along with this we also briefly discussed different names for these archetypes from various cultures. These names come from specific pantheons. A pantheon is a name for a collection of Gods and Goddesses.

You may already be familiar with at least one pantheon, but lets look at a few more to get a good idea of exactly who may call you to worship.

The Greek/Roman Pantheon

Zeus/Jupiter: King of the Gods, and ruler of Mount Olympus, He is the God of sky and thunder, most commonly depicted throwing a lightning bolt.
Hera/Juno: The wife of Zeus/Jupiter, mother Goddess and Queen of Gods. She is the Goddess of marriage.
Poseidon/Neptune: God of the Sea.
Aphrodite/Venus: The Goddess of love, passion and sexual love.
Hades/Pluto: God of death, keeper of the underworld. He was the brother of Zeus/Jupiter but was in the underworld instead of upon Olympus.
Hephaestus/Vulcan: Blacksmith God.
Demeter/Ceres: Earth Mother.
Apollo: He is the twin brother of Artemis. God of the Sun, light, the arts, prophecy, archery and music.
Athena/Minerva: The Warrior Goddess, the Goddess of war, protectress and Goddess of Wisdom.
Artemis/Diana: The goddess of the wild hunt, Goddess of protection and the moon.
Ares/Mars: The God of war and action.
Hermes/Mercury: God of commerce. He was a messenger for the gods, often carrying messages from mortals to gods and vice versa.
Dionysus/Bacchus: God of wine and ecstasy, the god of partying and feasting.
Eros/Cupid: God of romance and passionate love.

The Celtic Pantheon

Aine: Earth and Sun Goddess, She is worshiped at the Summer Solstice. She is queen of the Fey (fairy folk), a sorceress.
Brigit/Brede/Brigid: The bride goddess of inspiration, poetry, healing and health and medicine. Goddess of the sun, hearth and home and sacred fires. She is also associated with the spindle, the fire pot and distaff.
Epona: The shape-shifting earth goddess who is associated with fertilization and mares.
Danu: The mother goddess of the Tuatha De Dannan, a descendant of Nemed. She is a shape-shifter who is also associated with self control, wisdom and control of all life. The staff of life, prosperity and abundance are all associated with Danu.
Kerridewn/Cerridewn: The all mother, the nine-fold goddess. Goddess of wisdom, inspiration and knowledge. Also is associated with the cauldron of creation.
Morgana/Morgan: The Goddess of death, fertility, sexuality, magick and shape-shifting. She is also called ‘the death mother’ and is associated with cypress trees, ravens and crows, sea shells and the shoreline.
Arawn: Ancestral god of death and war. He is king of Annwn, the underworlds. He is associated with magickal animals, shape-shifting, the cauldron and water springs.
Dagda: He is God of earth a ‘good god’, the god of life, death, prosperity, abundance, wisdom and feasting. He is a simple god who dresses down in leather boots and a plain cloak/cape.
Kerunnos/Cernunnos: The god of life, death, wealth and knowledge. Lord of the animals He is also the all father.
Lugh: The sun god, master of all the arts and champion of the Tuatha De Dannan. He is a powerful sorcerer who is known for his skill with weapons as well as in bardic knowledge, poetry and war.
Ogma/Ogmios: A handsome god of knowledge, sexuality and civilization. He is the inventor of Ogham writing and is depicted as carrying a stick with runes written on it.

The Egyptian Pantheon

Ra: Pharaoh (King) of the Gods, God of the sun, his domains are goodness, protection, knowledge and the sun. He appears as a large human with the head of a hawk, dressed in flowing robes and the headdress of a pharaoh.
Sekhmet: Goddess of the sun, she is known as the ‘lady of pestilence’ the destructor. Her domains are chaos, war, destruction and healing and her symbol is a sun disc with a serpent entwined around it. She appears as a woman with the head of a lion.
Geb: The God of the earth his domains are earth and plants, protection and strength, his symbol is a white goose. He appears as a tall, well-muscled man wearing a white crown.
Nut: The Goddess of the night and the sky, her domains are goodness, knowledge, protection, trickery and air. She appears in the form of a woman, naked and painted with stars that are bending over the world.
Isis: The Goddess of magic and fertility, her domains are magic, healing and goodness, her symbol is the ankh. She appears as a very beautiful woman.
Maat: The Goddess of law and truth and her domains are goodness, knowledge, law and strength. She appears as a woman wearing a crown with an ostrich feather.
Horus: The avenger. His domains are destruction, sun, law and war. He appears as a falcon-headed man.
Osiris: The god of fertility and the dead. His domains are death (good), law, protection and goodness. He appears as a green-skinned man in the raiment of pharaoh.
Set: The god of evil and the night time. He appears as a scaled human body with the head of a jackal.
Thoth: The god of magic and knowledge. He appears as an ibis-headed human carrying a palette and stylus.

The Norse Pantheon

Frigg: The goddess of the air, the earth and of fertility. She is the wife of Odin and the mother of Balder, Hodr and Tyr.
Freyja: The beautiful Goddess of love and fertility. She is the twin sister of Freyr and is the daughter of Njord and Nerthus.
Forseti: The God of Justice, he is the Son of Bolder and Nanna.
Heimdall: Hel is known as the ‘watcher god’, he is always waiting and watching for the time when he can blow his horn and announce the coming of Ragnarok.
Loki: The God of fire, the son of giants. He is known as the ‘trickster God’ as he forever playing pranks.
Thor: The God of thunder, he is an honest god, but is very hot-tempered. He is the son of Odin and Fjorsyn, the earth goddess. Thor gives his name to the day of the week Thursday.
Odin: Father of the Gods; gifted in eloquence.

This list is but the tip of the iceberg. Take some times and research one or several pantheons that appeal to you. If a particular deity seems to call out, look into Them. Find out Their symbols, prayers, specifics, ect. You never know, They may be trying to tell you something.

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