Welcome to the education pages for the Coven of Midnight. Here you will find our glossary as well as lessons for all three trimesters. These lessons are not mandatory for admission, but all members are encouraged to participate.

Each trimester is meant to last four months, for a one year course. There is no penalty for taking longer or finishing early but we do encourage you to take these lessons seriously (because your spiritual growth is significant — and you chose this path for a reason). What matters is not the time it takes you to complete the course but that you understand the material and can apply it to your magickal workings and everyday life.

Upon completion of each trimester you will receive a certificate. Best of luck and remember ask questions if you need help because help is out there, but most of the answers lies within you. It is strongly suggested that you keep a magickal journal to keep track of your progress. Not only will you need it for your assignments and finals — you will need it for your own personal use.

Please title the thread with your name and the trimester on the Lesson Turn in Forum.

Example: EbonyDoe: Trimester 2

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